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Small animal repellers
 We do not distribute this product any more.
 Ultrasonic personal protector dog repeller - Dazzer
Ultrasonic personal protector dog repeller to prevent dog bites - Dazzer
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Are you afraid of dog attacks?

You don’t have to fear any more! Dazzer ultrasonic personal protector dog repeller can effectively protect you and your family in case of a dog attack.

Injuries caused by dog attacks can be prevented

Dazzer dog repeller uses ultrasonic sound to repell the attacking dog or more dogs. Due to the standard sound frequency it emits the required repelling effect from the first second of starting using it, even from 20-25 meters (practical experience). Do not wait until attack happens! You can prevent injuries by using Dazzer personal protector dog repeller.

If a dog could speak…

He would tell, that after experiencing Dazzer’s repelling effect, he would never attack again someone who had this device.
He would tell, that although it was a nasty experience, he wasn’t damaged!

Let’s protect life!

Those people, who were injured or killed by dogs, would be still alive and healthy if they would had such a repeller!


We do not distribute this product any more.

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